Herring's Home Quality Services LLC. is an HVAC (Heating & Air-Conditioning) company. Specializing in servicing, installing as well as performing maintenance's on all heating & cooling equipment. From mini-split systems (ductless systems), all the way up to 5 ton A/C systems, we here at Herring's Home Quality Services pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to all of our customers anytime we can... On top of that, we always try to help out our customers however we can.. Whether it be cutting your energy bills down by performing a high precision tune up on your older a/c units... Or by taking advantage of our many summer deals, we always like to put our customers in a win-win situation... That's why from 4/16/2017- 4/30/2017 we've added an online coupon (only visible from our company website here) that got ALL of our customers  ***30% off replacement of any A/C unit (2-5 TONs)*** which was a tremendous success.. but not to worry if you've missed out, because every month we will present new awesome deals, just tune into our coupon section of our website monthly to see what we could offer....  We look forward to providing great service to you all


Andrew Herring (Owner)

Herring's Home Quality Services LLC

371 Plaza Blvd

Morrisville, PA 19067